Pink Brick Stitch Baby Blanket

The beautiful Abriella is modeling her pink brick stitch baby blanket.   I made this blanket using the straight brick stitch then finished it off with a pretty scalloped edge.  Finished size is 36″x36″.  This blanket makes a perfect baby shower gift.  I made this pattern up as I went along so I’ll have to write it down.  I will post it when I finish it. If you would like to order this blanket, I will make it for you within 2 weeks of ordering.  Just click HERE to order.

The brick stitch (also called box stitch or crazy stitch) is totally under-used in my opinion.  It is my favorite stitch because it looks really difficult to do, but it’s not.  Don’t know how to do the brick stitch?  Here is a link on how to do it:



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obviously the other photo was not taken by a professional!


About micheleproducts
I am 28 and I have loved to make things since I was a little girl. I would go door-to-door selling my creations calling them "Michele Products"... so the name just kind of stuck. Now, I am trying to earn a living doing what I love! Check out my stuff! My grandma taught me to crochet at age 12, my great grandma was a tatting pro, and my mom has been crafting & sewing forever... I get my love for crafts from them. I always have several projects going at once such as: crochet projects, wood working, paper crafts, beading, embellishing, you name it. I love making crocheted EVERYTHING, baby items, wearables, amigurumi, beaded socks, crocheted & embellished pillows, etc. Anything crafty, I'm into it. I'm making this site to sell my creations, share my crochet ideas and to post crafts I like all in one place. My goal is to show everyone that crochet is not just for old ladies! Crochet is a great skill to possess anyone who wants to learn - can.

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