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Hi everyone!

Some of the links on my blog might be outdated.  I am in the process of fixing all of them, but in the meantime, here is a solution for you.  I have discontinued use of my domain name http://www.crochetedcouture.com and am now using:  http://crochetedcouture.yolasite.com.  Any of the old links on this blog can be found there.

I am not crocheting as much these days (too busy with my day job… Check it out!  http://www.michelepurnerdesigns.com ) but I hope you enjoy seeing my past projects, get ideas and great patterns… and feel free to ask me questions.

On a side note… I am 30 now but my grandma taught me to crochet at age 12.  So many younger people don’t know how to crochet or knit.  Let’s keep the art form alive!  Please take the time to teach your friends, sister, niece, kids or grand kids how to crochet and/or knit. 🙂

Thank you!



2 Pattern Deal!

PICK 2 PATTERNS - Super Pot Scrubbers - Nook/Kindle Pouch - Mug Hugger - Baby Bottle Warmer

Here is your chance to get 2 of my popular crochet patterns for $5! (Normally $3 each)


My Best Sellers since 2009! Once you use one of these scrubbers you will throw all your old grocery store sponges in the trash. FREE BONUS: 15 MINUTE VIDEO!
For more photos & details: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62706753/super-pot-scrubber-pattern?ref=v1_other_1

Fits all standard 11 oz mugs. Keeps your hot drinks noticeably warmer for longer. Perfect gift for all ocassions for coffee & tea lovers! For more photos & details: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76766358/mug-hugger-pattern

Make for yourself or for gifts this Christmas! Protect your ebook reader from dirt & dust. Instructions to fit all versions of Nook & Kindle. For more photos & details: http://www.etsy.com/listing/72930794/nook-or-kindle-pouch-crochet-pattern?ref=v1_other_1

Keep babies formula warmer for longer. Unique design keeps the ounce markings clearly visible! Completely washable & practical. A great baby shower gift!


When you order please let me know which 2 patterns you would like emailed to you.
The .pdf file patterns will be emailed to you within 1-24 hours of checkout.
(If purchased during business hours Mon-Fri, it will usually be within an hour.)

Professional invitations you print yourself!

Not only am I a crocheter … I am a graphic designer.  I now have an etsy store (finally) offering my custom invitations at the low price of $15! 
Check out my designs at:  www.michelepurnerdesigns.etsy.com  
Don’t see a design for your event?  Contact me & I’ll make you a custom design for the same price. 

Here are some examples:


Bridal Shower Invitation - PrintableFourth of July Party Invitation - Printable

Sweet 16 invitation - paisley & teal or pink - 5x7 - printableHigh School or College Graduation Party Invitation- BBQ - Printable

Website:  www.michelepurnerdesigns.com
Etsy:  www.michelepurnerdesigns.etsy.com
Email:  michelepurnerdesigns@gmail.com



Check out this handmade Yarn Bowl by DarriellesClayArt out of Sedona, Arizona.

Yarn bowl  handmade stoneware pottery

http://www.etsy.com/listing/74649161/yarn-bowl-handmade-stoneware-pottery  $36

The bowl has a notch and a hole in the side of the bowl which your yarn can be threaded through. Your ball of yarn will twist & turn in the bowl and not across the floor.

She has several available in many different colors.  I might have to get myself one of these for my birthday!

Crocheted eReader Pouch PATTERN

I just love this pouch… and this yarn is SO pretty (Deborah Norville’s EVERYDAY yarn in “Northern Lights”).

The pattern is now available for purchase in my ETSY store.

This 4-page .pdf pattern is packed full of tips, large photos, & instructions to make the pouch shown to fit Nook, Nook Color, Kindle (1st, 2nd, & 3rd generation), even the iPad. (Some crochet experience recommended).

Make one for yourself or give as gifts! If you have an e-Reader device and you know how to crochet, you have to have this cover pattern!

Protect your ebook reader with this beautiful, crocheted case with two-button closure. It is super lightweight, so you can now put your e-reader in your purse or backpack without fear of scratching your nook. This crochet stitch is very tight so it keeps most small items, including dirt, out. The yarn also provides a little padding.

Pattern will be emailed to you within 60 minutes during business hours M-F or no more than 12 hours during non-business hours. I check my email constantly so you will not have to wait long. Please contact me if you have any questions.

http://www.etsy.com/listing/72930794/nook-or-kindle-pouch-crochet-pattern   $3

Bunny Hair Yarn

Meet Buttercup.  He is my 4 year old Lynx Pallomino Rabbit.   He looks pretty sassy in this picture, but he is the friendliest rabbit anyone I know has ever met.  Everything about him is great… he is litterbox trained, he does a few tricks for yogurt treats, and he loves to cuddle.  The only bad thing about him is he sheds like crazy.  The proof is in the bag below.  I have been collecting his hair for about 2 years.  I put it in this Publix bag after I brush him.  I just can’t get myself to throw it away because when I look at it – I think yarn!  Won’t it be gorgeous yarn??  His hair is so soft & a beautiful color.  A lot of people think this is gross, but I want to spin yarn from his hair then crochet a scarf or mittens out of it.  It will be a memento of my beloved Buttercup for years & years. 

I know there are online companies where you can send your pet hair to then they spin it into yarn (you can choose the weight/thickness) and mail it back to you.  That sounds pretty perfect but ever since visiting the alpaca farm and since I am pretty crafty, I’ve thought about spinning it myself.  Have any of you out there ever tried it? 

I’ve watched some YouTube videos on it and I am confused on some of the steps. I know that step 1 is “carding” using carding brushes.  Then you roll the carded hair off the brush into a tight little roll (rolag).  The rolag is only the length of your carding brush so it will only be 6″ or so, depending on the size of your carding brushes.  WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT?   They have plenty of information online about spinning the roving (long fiber strips that are ready to spin)… but how do you turn rolags into roving??  Well, I found a half-answer here.  She said to run the rolags through a button hole and just stretch them out.  The part I am still confused about is how to join the rolags. I am guessing that she joins the rolags together by separating one end, inserting a new rolag and mushing them together then pull them through the button hole to secure them.  I could be wrong.  I am wondering if this method makes the yarn weak.  I don’t have any spinning tools so I think I am going to get some carding brushes HERE (best price I can find) and start there.  Then I think I will get a drop spindle and give it a try!   Does anyone have any thoughts?  Take the poll…

I also have questions about blending fibers [should I or shouldn’t I] but I guess that topic is for another day!

By the way…
Buttercup is an aspiring bunny model and with Easter coming up, he is available!

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Custom Laptop Pouch

Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria
Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria Reserved listing for: JulianaMaria

I just completed this custom order for Etsy user: JulianaMaria and I wanted to share it with everyone!   A crocheted pouch Made to fit MacBook Pro 13″ laptop then lined with a awesome print and zipper closure.  I also made a coordinating zipper pouch for her charger/cables made with the same print and lined with green fleece.   

I ♥ custom orders!  I am quick (from the first convo about this until complete was 5 days) and love your ideas!  Collaboration = One-of-a-kind Creations … contact me if you want to discuss custom orders!

Give ’em a try

$3.50 for 1 Scrubber (free shipping)

Super Pot Scrubber
Super Pot Scrubber Super Pot Scrubber Super Pot Scrubber Super Pot Scrubber Super Pot Scrubber

If you’ve been dying to try my Super Pot Scrubbers but you are skeptical about how good they work, here is your chance to try one out for $3.50 with FREE Shipping!

Just one scrubber will last you about 6 months.

Check out my 100% positive feedback.

1 Super Pot Scrubber nicely tagged + a coupon for FREE shipping on a future order from my store (expires in 6 months)

You choose the color: pink, green, blue, purple, black mesh mixed with any color yarn. If you want me to surprise you, I will.

Click HERE for details & to purchase.  Shipped to you tomorrow. Enjoy!

crocheted baby bottle warmer

My own pattern!  I made this baby bottle cozy to keep babies formula warmer for longer. What’s great is that the ounce markings are still clearly visible!  

Baby will enjoy their warm formula and will be more willing to hold their own bottle with this comfortable, colorful cozy on it.  Completely washable & practical.  A great baby shower gift! 

$3 for the pattern

Click here to purchase and a 2-page .pdf pattern full of color photos, instructions, & tips will be emailed to you!